Dad and Mom—The Early Years

How much do you really know about our early family life?

1. What movie did Dad and Mom see on their first date?
a. Let's Do it Again
b. Jaws
c. Man From Snowy River
d. Saturday Night Fever

2. Where did Dad and Mom go for ice cream on their first date?
a. Smith's
b. Baskin and Robbins
c. BYU Creamery
d. Hogi Yogi

3. Where did Dad work when they first got married?
a. BYU plant operations
b. House of Fabrics
c. Fashion Fabrics
d. Utah State

4. Where did Dad propose?
a. Squaw Peak
b. In the car
c. At a church in Orem
d. At a restaurant
e. On a hike in the mountains
f. At the temple

5.How much did Dad and Mom's first 100 year old house cost in 1977?
a. $12,500
b. $23,500
c. $29,500
d. $33,100